How can I setup Email on Outlook or other desktop clients?

This guide explains how to configure your email client, such as Outlook or Windows Mail, in order to send and receive mail using your desktop, if you're using our mail server. is used as a guide only, please use your real domain. 
1. Create the email account on the server
Please follow the instruction here
2. Setup the email account through your email client
Non-SSL Settings

Run through the email client account setup wizard, and use the following settings:
Username: your full email address (i.e.
Password: the password you set when creating the email account in the first step
Incoming Mailserver: (IMAP: Port 143 or POP3: Port 110)
Outgoing Mailserver: (Port 587 or 25)
Please ensure "Outgoing Mailserver requires authentication" is enabled.
Secure SSL/TLS Settings
If you wish to use SSL/TLS for your email connections please refer to the connection settings in cPanel > Email Accounts > Dropdown options 'More' to the email address > Configure Email Client. This will provide you with the SSL/TLS connection information. 
3. Webmail Access
You can access your emails from anywhere in the world via your web browser, simply browse to to access your webmail. You can sign in with the full email address (including the, and your email password.

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