Plesk and Linux Managed VPS features

You don't need extensive knowledge of maintaining, managing and securing your virtual private server (VPS), basic knowledge of server technology should be sufficient. Our professional qualified system administrators will take full admin control and will setup your Dedicated Virtual Server for maximum performance.
From your internet browser you can easily manage your VPS and execute tasks via the Plesk interface or Control Panel such as:
  • Setup unlimited hosting accounts and domains
  • Setup unlimited email accounts
  • Setup unlimited FTP accounts
  • Manage SSL certificates
  • Create sub domains and park domains on the hosting account
  • Check bandwidth usage per site per data traffic type: http/https, pop3, SMTP, ftp, anonymous ftp
  • Look at data traffic statistics with Awstats and Webalizer
  • Create protected directories (SSL and non-SSL) and assign users to it
  • Manage websites with Frontpage Web-Admin (Plesk only)
  • Easily disable/enable whole domain names
  • Manage email settings
  • Manage auto responders and aliases
  • Create mail groups and redirects
  • Upload and View files with the File Manager
  • Create MySQL and MSSQL databases and manage them through PHPMyAdmin
  • And much, much MORE!

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