How do I change the registrant (COR) of .au domain?

Changing ownership of a domain name, or, Change of Registrant (COR), is a PERMANENT function. You will not be able to change the ownership back once you have made the change. As you may know, ownership change means to transfer all of the rights and duties of domain names to designated person/corporate. 
To change the ownership of .au domain name, we must reset your domain name license. This effectively means your registration period starts from the day it is reset, any previous registration period will be lost. A 2-year .au domain name renewal fee for the transfer will be applied. 
Getting started 
1. Transfer your .au domain name to us if it's registered with another registrar.
2. Place a COR order at and pay the renewal fee.
3. Open an ticket to our support team at with the domain name and your COR order number. 
4. Then we will send an email to the current domain name registrant with a URL to begin the process. The registrant will need to provide the email address of the new registrant for the new registrant details to be provided. 
5. Upon confirmation from the new registrant the request will go into a verification queue which will be reviewed by our staff for processing.
6. The COR process will be finished in 5-7 workding days.

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